Xdroid attends IP Expo 2021

The Xdroid attended the IPExpo in full force. This year’s 15,671 attendees at the two-day IP Expo had exclusive access to over 300 exhibitors and over 250 exclusive seminar sessions, including an incredible opening day one keynote from legendary astronaut, Chris Hadfield. The former commander of the International Space Station regaled the audience with tales of his time orbiting the Earth and left a strong message on the importance of collaboration. One of the events IP Expo incorporates is AI-Analytics X, the hottest topic in IT right now. It explored how Artificial Intelligence is causing major disruption across all industries.

Xdroid attended the event to spread the word about the potential benefits of implementing AI-based solutions at Contact Centers. Speech Analytics can revolutionise the CX and Customer Service industry as a whole. And Xdroid is here to help you do just that with its state-of-the-art VoiceAnalytics solution. Xdroid’s CX Experts and representatives addressed Contact Center supervisors and Quality Managers who were curious about how the transformative capabilities of our solution. They arrived with challenges and left with solutions on how to improve customer experience with Xdroid’s AI-based VoiceAnalytics.

Did you get a chance to catch us at the IP Expo?

In case you missed it, you can explore the solution by simply requesting a demo! Don’t miss a chance to increase your customer engagement. 


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