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Become a partner to implement AI digital transformation in contact center quality management

Our go-to-market strategy is to exclusively distribute our voice, text and social media analytics through partners. As a member of our partner network you can better serve your clients by offering innovative and competitive solutions that help them understand the customer journey and bring them closer to a 360-degree customer view. Xdroid provides professional training, support program and lead generation campaign.

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Our partners say

“With Xdroid’s innovative analytics in our portfolio we are one step ahead of our competitors. Two years ago we restarted the business unit for contact centers and looked for leaders in digital transformation. We selected Xdroid as a strategic partner to give our customers a head start with the advantages of artificial intelligence.”

Bert Ceuppens, Chief Commercial Officer, Nextel

“The Xdroid analytics solution is a game-changer, an immensely powerful and cost-effective performance management tool. Available as a cloud or on-premise solution it gives both enterprise and SMB’s the ability to harness the power of artificial intelligence to refine and enhance their contact centre operations.”

Steve Watts, Group Sales Director, Pennine

“With Xdroid, Pridis has the possibility to offer their customers artificial intelligence solutions. The application suite seamlessly complements the Pridis analytics port-folio in such way that a wide coverage of products will be possible in the contact centre market.”

“We are very happy to partner with Xdroid in the DACH market. The innovative Xdroid analytics solution fits perfectly to our solution portfolio and delivers tremendous value to our customers in the Customer Success Area. Xdroid is easy to integrate and fills a gap in many customer service organisations to deliver better customer experience, efficiency and quality communications as well as compliance.”

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