How E-voluciona by Intelcia uses Speech Analytics to transform Contact Center Operations

About Intelcia Spain and Latam

Intelcia Spain and Latam, formerly known as Unisono Group, was recently acquired by Intelcia, a part of Altice group. Nowadays Intelcia Spain is one of the top leading Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) in the customer experience and digital transformation space, with 16 different sites across Spain, Chile, Colombia and the UK. Their goal is to enhance customer experience through contact center and consulting services, working closely with their clients to help them stay focused on their company’s objectives and mission. Their philosophy is founded on precision, flexibility, customization and most importantly, innovation. Innovation is exactly what consolidated the partnership between the BPO and Xdroid, through E-voluciona by Intelcia.

The Challenge as a BPO

Intelcia Spain has over 100 clients in its portfolio and manages around 9000 contact center agents allocated to different accounts and campaigns. As a top contact center service provider, Intelcia has to be up to date and offer their customers the latest technology developments to make operations more agile and cost-effective, augmenting human abilities with digital power. 

Having such a diverse clientele with contrasting activities and operations led the BPO to start a search for a very flexible and highly customisable Speech Analytics tool. A tool that could quickly adapt to the different industry needs and specific customer requirements, but that remained above all, user friendly. 

Besides managing a broad range of different operations, Intelcia faces the classic BPO challenges; time-consuming quality assurance, and high volumes of raw data. Therefore, adopting speech technologies was part of Intelcia’s long term strategy to better customer relationships, optimise productivity and promote digital transformation.

Why Xdroid

In line with the company’s technology-driven nature, Intelcia was looking for a solution that could unify and centralize quality monitoring, increase AHT efficiency  and discover the voice of the client, allowing them to capitalize on the assessment results to drive action and improvement. But equally important the tool had to be implemented flexibly across the portfolio of customers for different assignments in time, size and content. After a thorough review of different Speech Analytics solutions, Intelcia decided to collaborate with Xdroid to take on the challenge because of its flexibility, powerful composer to identify KPIs, exceptional multilingual language engine, and the modern and intuitive interface offer.

“Xdroid provides us with a powerful combination of their composer and language engine. That has enabled us to measure KPIs with a 95% accuracy,” says Dacil Borges, Innovation Director at E-voluciona by Intelcia.


Two Approaches, One Solution

After successfully testing Xdroid’s transcription accuracy, Intelcia set out to set up two systems. One focuses on unifying and centralizing Automated Quality Monitoring, and the other focuses on serving different clients by targeting various issues. These issues can be around reducing AHT and silence periods or investigating the impact of offers and promotions, depending on what the customer requires at the moment.


1. Catering to specific Customer Needs

Intelcia offers Speech Analytics as a service to their customers, with the aim to deep dive into various topics or issues the companies might be facing. This approach helps the customers grasp the power of Speech Analytics and opens the door for them to use the technology in future events. 

Some of the use cases the solution has been directed at are:

Detection of Unproductivity periods and Reduction of AHT 

An energy company was aware of the high silent ratios in their calls, but detecting calls with long silence or music periods was almost impossible. As a result, there was no starting point to begin working on improving agents’ productivity in calls, and there was no way to measure trends and changes across time. This is where Intelcia offered Speech Analytics to measure the precise amount of silence and music in calls and create a plan to reduce this high unproductive time in calls. 

The outcome was surprising; they detected over 35% of unproductivity in calls during the first analysis. Through VoiceAnalytics they can now deep dive into the reasons for unproductivity and support their agents with training and productivity goals to help them reduce silence periods in calls. Agents get access to their profiles and can keep track of their performance across time.

Ensuring agent protocol adherence and correct contract acceptance by customers

An insurance company counts with strict protocols whenever a new customer is signed in. Agents need to transparently read the agreement to the customers during the call and get a clear affirmation to avoid future discrepancies with them. Monitoring if the protocol has been correctly followed was a very tedious task and could not be performed in 100 % of the calls. 

Through the phrase detection of Xdroid, Intelcia could programme elaborate KPIs that check if agents have read all the needed contact information to customers; and ensure they get a clear answer from the customers. Thanks to this, the company has direct access to the contract agreements and can detect if there has been a protocol violation from part of the agents. 

Analyzing correct offering and impact of new products and promotions 

A world-leading food company wanted to know if agents were correctly offering new products and promotions to the retailers when taking their orders. Through Speech Analytics, Intelcia could help them detect the volume of agents providing these new products, and they were also able to measure the acceptance and reactions to these offerings.


2. Unifying and Automatizing the BPO’s Internal Quality Monitoring

Considering the high number of agents and monthly call volume received in Intelcia’s contact centre, it’s no surprise they were struggling with quality monitoring. Besides the considerable amount of time spent listening back to call recordings, the results of the quality ratings were decentralised. As a consequence, having an overview of the global performance of the contact centre was challenging. Furthermore, the limited reporting capabilities also hindered the extraction of meaningful insights. This is where the project manages the quality monitoring of all Intelcia Spain operations under one single platform. 

Intelcia launched a phased approach to unify, centralise, and automatise the results of the quality monitorisation on one single platform. The first step was to review the wide range of existing scorecards and merge them into the required amount to cover all the different rating needs of their clients. 

Intelcia implemented VoiceAnalytics in its AWS environment. Thanks to Xdroid’s flexible composer, the BPO created numerous KPIs to build the different quality scorecards. Then, progressively adding the clients as separate departments on the platform and using the advanced filtering options of Xdroid, Intelcia could assign the applicable scorecards to the various campaigns. 

Once the building phase was complete, the calls were automatically transcribed and scored. Detailed reports were shared with the quality team, allowing them to focus and keep track of relevant business targets. 

The agents access their scored calls to review their performance and identify the areas that need improvement. Supervisors can set up goals and interact with the agents inside the platform, highlighting specific points they should pay attention to and supporting their learning and development. This targeted approach frees up the quality team to focus on other priorities within the organisation.


Integration with CRM systems

Intelcia is working on integration with CRM and HR systems to enrich the capabilities of Xdroid. By connecting with CRM data, the customer information and outcomes of previous interactions can be put into a single platform to be used by agents and supervisors. The insights gained in Speech Analytics can improve customer experience. By injecting CRM data into the platform, one can unlock a plethora of new reports and insights. 

What the future holds

Xdroid Speech Analytics has enabled Intelcia to deliver valuable insights and results to their customers, improving the general efficiency of their operations. Interest from other customers arises as they start seeing the outcomes and improvements the companies using VoiceAnalytics experience. This opens the door for a great deal of new projects and implementations. Both companies, Xdroid and Intelcia Spain, work in close collaboration to not only cater customer needs but also to keep developing the platform based on real customer feedback.

“Intelcia Spain is one of our key partners on which we rely wholeheartedly when developing new features in our solution. Their vision on innovation, industry experience and agility in implementation are exemplary.” says Xdroid’s Managing Director Gerry de Graaf.

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