Aegon transforms customer experience with VoiceAnalytics

Becoming customer-centric is one of Aegon’s strategic objectives. To better understand customers and to offer superior service to them, Aegon Hungary’s has chosen to use VoiceAnalytics to assess calls due to its transparent statistics, analytical capabilities, keyword spotting, TNPS integration, and insight learning. “It perfectly responded to our needs to improve quality control,” says Beáta Steigerwald, Quality and Traffic Control Manager.

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The focus is on quality
An indicator that Aegon Hungary provides a high-quality customer experience is the low average time in queue. But they wanted to have a better view on what happens once the call is answered since the quality control team can listen to only 1-2% of the calls: those of exceptionally short or long duration. After the introduction of VoiceAnalytics and setting up its alerts, for example for low emotion index, around 15 calls are flagged each day. The quality team can now focus on these problematic conversations and take follow-up steps.

Employee empowerment
At Aegon Hungary agents and back-office employees have access to the analytics of their own calls, which allows them to feel that they are part of the continuous process improvement. It imposes less control and more direction and training. VoiceAnalytics is used as a non-sanction tool and is part of the promotion scheme because it provides an objective viewpoint on the achievements of the agents. After analyzing the performance of each agent, Aegon Hungary now provides tailored vocal and speech coaching twice a week for those who need it.

Efficiency and new objectives
Analyzing average conversation time, void and music periods give a great opportunity to improve the performance of the contact center team. Aegon decreased AHT by 19 seconds, and saved 263 hours of work per month (January-June 2016, compared to the May 2015 baseline) by reducing the idle moments (silence and music), at the same time this saves valuable time of customers by providing faster service and the ease of interaction. But should short calls be the main objective? Beáta and her team looked deeper into the assumption that the shorter the call, the higher the NPS and based on findings from VoiceAnalytics, established the optimal duration for the calls that allows customers to be heard and provided with answers and adequate information.

Drivers of TNPS from speech analytics
The CRM team at Aegon Hungary discovered novel methods of analyzing root causes of TNPS by connecting survey results to conversations. It turned out that amongst the detractors there are more negative emotions and non-productive periods. By focusing on reducing unnecessary waiting times and calming the displeased customers during conversations, the team positively impacted not only the customer experience but also TNPS feedbacks. Although this correlation may be evident, now Aegon has a way to influence this KPI at call level.

Winner of Best Innovation Award
Aegon’s philosophy is: ”we all gain by sharing, and by identifying repeatable processes and initiatives, we can become more efficient and save costs”. Best practices are shared throughout the Aegon world at the Global Aegon Awards, where an independent jury of experts assesses how people, initiatives, or teams embody corporate purpose, strategy and core values with a clear story and proof of impact. In 2018 Aegon Hungary won Best innovation Award with Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics & touchpoint NPS, for implementing new and truly innovative processes.

“We are now fully conscious of the strength of VoiceAnalytics and are the knowledge leader in the adaptation of speech analytics software at Aegon globally,” says Beáta. “We continue to work together with Xdroid on new capabilities and we are looking forward to the real-time coaching that Xdroid is developing.”

Photo: Aegon Hungary wins Best Innovation Award with Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics & touchpoint NPS at The Global Aegon Awards (The Hague, 2018)

About Aegon
Aegon entered the Hungarian market in 1992, when it acquired a state-owned insurance company. Over the years, the business has grown to include investment fund management, general insurance, asset management and pension fund management. Today, Hungary is AEGON’s biggest business in Central Europe and a springboard to other countries in the region. Aegon has operating companies in approximately twenty countries worldwide.

Products: Pensions, Life insurance, Non-life insurance

Number of employees: 1125

Number of customers: 1.4 million

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