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  • Cloud-based speech analytics solution
  • for call centres

VoiceAnalytics is a cloud-based speech analytics solution for call centres. The software automatically processes 100% of customer interactions and detects different emotions and speech, music and void periods. It contributes to call centre performance management by providing objective, consistent and valuable information about each call. This solution helps to improve customer satisfaction by detecting the displeased, uncertain, disappointed or happy parts of the conversations. It provides statistics that can reveal opportunities to streamline processes, eliminate unnecessary on-hold or void times resulting in lower average call times, better performance and more satisfied customers.

Improve customer satisfaction and retention.

This critical task starts with understanding customer interaction and behaviour. VoiceAnalytics uses unique, content-independent algorithms to detect displeased, uncertain, disappointed and happy emotions, which play a key role in customer experience.

Get insight into all conversations

through the visualisation feature of the embedded voice player. The player visualizes productive (speech) and non-productive (music, void) parts and pinpoints emotionally charged periods including displeased, disappointed, happy or uncertain moods. This allows supervisors to focus on the most problematic parts without having to replay the entire conversation, which saves a considerable amount of time and resources. Not a single disappointed customer remains undiscovered. The automatic speaker separation mechanism provides a separate analysis for the operator and the customer.

Improve contact centre performance

by reducing average handle time and call volumes using statistical information on different levels (single call, operator and call centre). List operators from top to worst based on performance and measure them against key performance metrics. Identify non-productive periods and set up customised training plans for operators to improve performance. Enhance existing call centre quantitative performance metrics with qualitative insights that correlate with customer satisfaction and net promoter indexes.

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