Business and artificial intelligence solutions


  • Business and artificial intelligence solutions

Software Development and System Integration

Our project experience ranges from small few-days-long projects to complex enterprise-level system development projects. Our architects and senior developers master numerous leading software development platforms, technologies, and methodologies.

Mobile Platform

Mobile- and tablet-optimized, HTML5- and CSS3-based solutions. Development of native Android and iOS applications.

Custom Software Development

JAVA-, C++-, and PHP-based software development, SOA and enterprise-level integration solutions.

Database Development

Most of our projects use NoSQL (MongoDB) and real-time and/or relational databases on Oracle, IBM, MySQL, and MS-SQL platforms.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based platform solutions bring operational excellence and dynamism at a lower cost. Our innovative products run on these platforms as well. Major partners are Amazon and DigitalOcean.


Most of our projects actively use and our engineers have expertise in multivendor virtualization technology, using premium-level Xen, VMware, or open-source Linux-KVM platforms.

Special Solutions

Native operating system–level programming services using Assembly and Java cross-platform C++ for different platforms, devices, and integration tasks.


Use the superb computational performance of NVIDIA CUDA and Thrust platform. Our speech and predictive analytics platform uses GPU technology from the very beginning to achieve unbelievable processing speed at a significantly lower cost. Consult us to learn how your business may exploit this possibility.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are at work in speech analytics, predictive analytics, and multiple industry-specific software applications at numerous companies and corporations. We continuously research and develop new patent-pending technologies and solutions.

Predictive Analytics

Use our most advanced machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms in order to transform all of your data to business value. As result, we provide easy-to-use APIs to fully utilize machine-learning-based prediction algorithms. Check Morphorank product and learn more about our out-of-the box predictive solution.

Data Mining

We research, develop, and use the latest technologies in the field of data mining (ranking, classification, segmentation, etc.) not only in our products and applications but also for external projects.

Speech Analytics

Speech and emotion recognition, music and acoustic recognition, real-time analytics, and research and development services. Xdroid develops and supports the core technology of Voice Miner, a leading speech analytics platform for the local market.

Text Mining

Our patented text mining portfolio includes comprehensive cross-language semantic search and analytics algorithms designed for blog and chat environment. We provide unique, patented method to visualize and cluster search engine results, using advanced text processing methods. Services cover semantic analytics, vulgarity detection and more.

Business Intelligence

We have expertise in data warehouses, reporting and analytics systems, dashboards, and real-time decision support systems. We use leading Oracle and IBM solutions or open-source platforms. Ranging from small-scale projects to complex enterprise-level delivery, we offer consultation, system delivery, and integration services in the field of business intelligence.


We offer data warehouse solutions for small, medium, and large companies designed by vendor-independent business intelligence experts.

Reporting and Visualization

We have expertise in the solutions of leading providers (Oracle and IBM) as well as in emerging next-generation platforms (Pentaho and QlikView).

Big Data analytics

We master the most advanced technology, and we have dedicated personnel to handle, process, and turn unstructured large-volume data into meaningful information.

Real time decision support

We develop and deliver real-time, high performance, memory-based decision support architectures leveraging keyword and emotion detection, machine learning, and signal, speech, and data processing.

HR and Management Services

Management and HR services in the field of IT and Call Center operations to maximize investment value, boost the efficiency of business processes, enhance personnel’s competency.

Call Center Consultancy

Consultancy services will increase your Call Center efficiency and optimize business processes.

Call Center Operation Services

Professional Call Center operation and HR services, management in order to meet business goals.

Training Services

Training services are tailored for your enterprise needs in the fields of IT development, ITIL, and project management.

Project and Program Management

Dedicated and enthusiastic certified project management professionals are at your service in the field of project and program management.