Research and Development

Our company strongly focuses on research and development activities that drive innovation. The company founders are world-class researchers, professors, and businessmen who ensure efficient and market-oriented research and development. We offer research and development services for our partners as well, which enables you to use our world-class staff of PhD-level researchers in external projects as well.

Most recent R&D activities

Online Selling Point Prediction Research

The project aims to research and develop a novel language-independent prototype that analyzes real-time sales conversation and provides feedback on the estimated probability of a successful call.

From a scientific point of view, the real-time, that is, the online selling probability, detection goes far beyond the traditional mechanical learning techniques. In the traditional method, the whole of the material to be analyzed is at hand, while in case of an online analysis, the material is created during the process of analysis, and its dimensions continuously expand during the analysis. Efficient analysis requires the development of revolutionary algorithms. The goal of the project is the development of a system, the input of which is made up of phone calls, and the output is a predictive model and an automatic model-builder engine, which displays the probability of the successful sales communication in real time. The processing of the audio material has several aspects to it. The system extracts the features, and then the regularity within them is uncovered using complex mechanical learning algorithms. The uncovered regularities and connections make it possible to develop real-time novel detection processes. The prototype developed by Xdroid can be applied in several areas in the future because the technology is language and domain independent. Its being independent of language and domain makes it possible to adapt to any other scenarios very quickly and, at the same time, to enter the international markets. Being domain independent means that the technology may be applied not only in the field of demo applications but also in case of varying events of telecommunication administrations. The system may be applied in any situation where the probability of a given result is a high priority. The newly developed technology supports any customer management system, and it can increase its success rate. The sales and administrative companies use the system to activate customer acquisition and retention, that is, to optimize the customer migration indicators or to control the work of its own administrators and also to improve the level of education.

BinPad hierarchical navigation and visualization system

BinPad Search: Next-Generation Search Engine

BinPad Search is a next-generation search engine with a novel user interface that organizes search results into relevant groups. Groups contain results that share common attributes. Group titles define results within the group. Titles help to focus and gain conceptual knowledge along with the multiaspect grouping of result elements. Therefore, users gain a highlighted essence that is time-consuming to acquire in another way. It is simple and takes minimal effort to refine search, get to the relevant result, and acquire conceptual knowledge using BinPad Search. One may search the Internet, Wikipedia, or the PubMed medical library. Technology is open for any additional sources and platforms where knowledge discovery and concept propagation are valued.

Accelerate Research Using PubMed Medical Library

As part of BinPad Search, PubMed Search demonstrates the power of technology in research. PubMed search uses PubMed medical library and helps scientific research with concept propagation. Today, researchers have to not only understand concepts related to their own research area, but also keep an eye on recent works of other scientists. During this work, revealing analogies between different areas greatly contributes to the discovery of novelties. The PubMed library is a continuously growing collection of millions of medical publications. BinPad Search helps to reveal analogies and relevant concepts based on the PubMed library.

Leveraging the Wikipedia Experience

A unique user experience is provided in Wiki Search, as part of BinPad Search applications, by searching and visualizing Wikipedia content enhanced with WebSearch functions. The existing Wikipedia content is partitioned and visualized in BinPad format, while the WebSearch concept propagation feature presents the most up-to-date information from the Internet, providing all in the same stunning graphical interface.

BinPad Education: Structured Learning

The next generation needs new abilities, possibilities, and thinking. BinPad EDU is an important member of the BinPad product family. The growing next generation expects an educational environment based on current technical and technological advancement. BinPad EDU organizes educational materials into a smart-built thematic hierarchy, where part of subjects can be quickly accessed. Hierarchical rendering of the curriculum provides an instant overview and knowledge representation, which generates new abilities. Mastering conceptual thinking has never been so easy and self-explanatory. BinPad EDU is a new educational and methodological tool that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies.

András Kocsor, PhD, had the following to say about BinPad EDU:

BinPad EDU, as an educational system may bring a paradigmatic change in education we have been waiting for a long time. BinPad’s graphical interface and hierarchical organized educational materials leverages learning process and overview of the subject to a new level. Students gain a structural, never-to-forget wire of any subject that carves deeply in memory using BinPad EDU on a daily basis. Classical, linearly structured books did not contribute much to establish this kind of essential knowledge.

BinPad TV: New TV Experience

BinPad TV is a demonstration of BinPad technology in television. The screen is partitioned into smaller aspect-aware blocks by topics. An overview of the most recent media content is provided. The Zoom function enables to select one or more topics of interest to further thematize visible channels.

BinPad News: Novel News Portal

BinPad News provides a novel visualization and navigation user interface for real-time news reading on handheld and desktop devices. The news is organized in a thematic hierarchy, powered by the BinPad visualization and navigation engine.

BinPad Editor: Create Your Own World!

BinPad Editor is coming soon to enable editing and structuring content in the BinPad world. Users may create any new content from travel logs to personal web pages. BinPad Editor is the ultimate information organizer tool that will let the user create their own BinPad world.

Screen Extension for Handheld Devices

Mobile and tablet vendors may also benefit from the virtual screen extension technology used in BinPad applications. The physical screen size of handheld devices is always limited because of the natural dimensions of humans. Therefore, information placement is always a big issue for vendors. Existing solutions use different approaches, but users may need to scroll a lot in the small display to reach their desired content, or they may need to switch between different screens—let alone reorganize the content, which is annoying—when the user rotates the device. BinPad’s patent-pending virtual screen extension technology provides a rotation-invariant, partitioned virtual screen that gives a smart solution for the problem. Handheld and mobile applications and operating systems may benefit from this technology as well.

Potential Usage Areas of BinPad Technology