MorphoRank Predictive Analytics

MorphoRank is a predictive analytics application that uses advanced machine learning to build, evaluate, and update probability models. MorphoRank’s predictions are actionable immediately; thus, the data can morph into actual business earnings relatively quickly.


MorphoRank uses the most advanced machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms. It seamlessly blends network and classic data sources, fully automated model building, prediction and model upgrading, and cloud-based and/or on-premise architecture for maximizing your business effectiveness.

Large-volume unstructured data? Webshop logs? Social network information? Campaign feedbacks and contractual and product usage information? MorphoRank’s machine intelligence may use all of your data to transform them to business value. MorphoRank’s predictions are instantly actionable to increase your business profit. Learn more at

Speech Analytics Portfolio

Xdroid develops and supports the core technology of Voice Miner and Miner Family, a leading speech analytics platform for the local market.

Voice Miner

The innovation award winner Voice Miner is a unique combination of business intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Voice Miner implements the latest AI-based speech signal processing and emotion detection technologies. It uses machine learning algorithms to detect emotional features and phonemes. Moreover, Voice Miner includes a speaker identification technology, separating the administrator’s voice from the customer’s, using kernel methods. The Voice Miner system creates valuable business information by computer-processing digitally recorded sounds of telephone conversations. The system aims to strengthen customer retention strategies, support sales, measure quality assurance by an innovative method, and provide instant warning after problem calls.
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The software called Emoline is based on a new language-independent technology that provides continuous feedback about the moods and emotions of the participants during customer service phone calls. The instant feedback helps the work of the administrator, as the received information makes it possible for the customer service conversations to remain objective; thus, customer management may become more efficient. The feedback helps the job of the customer service manager in a way that in case of a need, the competent colleague may immediately assist other colleagues or the customers. Furthermore, the system provides useful feedback about the development of the administrators following the trainings. The online tracking of the emotions of the administrators also serves the improvement of the quality of the administration process, that is, the customer management. The impartial communication and the proper tone and content of the customer service conversations are a crucial part of the high-quality customer service work, as this is exactly what the customers expect from the administrator at the other end of the line. Thanks to the real-time feedback, in case of a need, the supervisor can instantly intervene.


Voice Drive is the prototype of an intelligent AI-based automated utility consumption data-accepting system within the frameworks of a research program financed by the EU. The system is an innovative solution that makes it possible for the reading of the position of the consumption indicator to be completely automated on the side of the service provider.