Xdroid is a software development company focusing on solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Xdroid’s founders have a solid technological and educational background in the field of machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and large-data processing as well as in management and business development. Xdroid’s mission is to provide the best-of-breed artificial intelligence–based solutions and algorithms for its clients in the international market. Xdroid has built strong partnerships with consultancy and system integration companies during the previous years. Xdroid’s core algorithms are working in various speech analytics, predictive analytics, and industry-specific software in many companies.

Company management

Xdroid's management and operational executives consist of experts in artificial intelligence, software development, project management, and business development. They spent many years in various senior researcher and executive positions in the field of artificial and business intelligence.

András Kocsor, Ph.D.

senior researcher, founder

András graduated at the University of Szeged, where he got his PhD summa cum laude degree in mathematics and information technology. With more than 150 publications, lots of PhD graduate students, many self-invented algorithms, several national awards combined with 20 years of experience, András is among the best international experts in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning today.

Kornél Kovács, Ph.D.

senior researcher, founder

Kornél mastered in software design and programming at the University of Szeged and got his PhD summa cum laude in the field of mathematics and information technology. Kornél has many publications, which were used as references in various software development projects during his 15 years of work experience. Kornél played a key role in core algorithm programming, web development, and other artificial intelligence projects during the previous years.

Attila Bódogh, Ph.D.


Attila graduated as an IT engineer and later majored in finance at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences. He worked as an IT developer and consultant, and he also worked in project management and business development. He had had innovation director positions, focusing on business intelligence systems and data warehouses. Attila has an international project management (PMP) qualification and MBA and PhD degrees in economics.

István Fehér, MBA


István majored BSC in electrical engineering and later graduated as an MSC economist. He worked in various software development and consultancy positions, with expertise in business intelligence systems. Later, as branch manager and CEO of a system integration company, he was responsible for business development and operative management. He also has an MBA degree in finance.